More about Us

Who are we?

We are a California based company that offers consulting services for Microsoft Teams.

What are we doing?

We address client’s internal business communications to help
configure their Teams. This includes dealing with permissions,
content locations, and more.

What are our values?

We believe in transparency, respect, tolerance, honesty and fairness in doing business with each other

Do we sell Micorosft 365 licenses?

No, we do not sell Microsoft 365 licenses; we leave that up to the client’s MSP

How do we manage clients?

We allow partners to “own” the client relationship to whatever degree they wish.

Do we provide IT services?

No, we do not provide cloud services, telco, IT services, migrate or manage exchange or Active Directory, or infrastructure support such as Azure or AWS.

We refer clients back to their MSP for security Audits, best practices, and often infrastructure upgrades

4 benefits for partners

Keep your clients “in the fold”
Reduces your support requirements and help-desk calls for M365-related issues
10% commission paid on all referrals
Uncovers opportunities for network and infrastructure upgrade opportunities for you

Want to be part of
the journey?

We are always open to talk to great people who

want to help us shape the future of work

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