We’re a group of technology nerds in California that decided to work remotely a few years ago. We still have two offices in California, but many key team members, including our CEO, spend a lot of time working remotely. Whether we’re working from home, from a plane, or a hideout in the mountains; we’ve made remote work productive and efficient.

We settled on Microsoft Teams as our primary solution and later went through a huge migration to take advantage of all the features in the Office 365 ecosystem, which has really paid off for us.

Recently, we’ve received serious calls from people and companies asking us what we use and how we made working remote actually work. Rather than repeat ourselves a hundred times over, we created remoteofficeproject.com to do two things:

  1. Provide a few free tips & tricks for Teams
  2. Provide consulting services with some of our best “Teams” staff members helping clients through an organized approach to migrating content, processes, and people into Teams, from a human standpoint.

We’re helping clients take advantage of capabilities that most don’t even know are there!

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